Who We Are

Caribbean Cement Company Limited is a member of TCL Group, which is owned by CEMEX – a global building materials company.  The company mines gypsum and shale in four quarries and produces clinker and cement at our Plant in Rockfort, Kingston.  Carib Cement is proudly embedded in Jamaica’s history as the supplier of the high quality cement that has built homes, schools, hospitals, roads, hotels, and many of the physical structures visited daily by Jamaicans and visitors around the island every day. The company provides more than 700 jobs through its operations and has the largest shareholder base on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Why This Competition

We believe in building a greater Jamaica and see that defined communal spaces can contribute to individual and collective development. Using our expertise in cement, we would like to help a community realise its own goals for a shared space where everyone can play, exercise, learn and congregate.  The competition format will help communities collaborate for a common cause. Our contribution to communities is also in keeping with both Jamaica’s National 2030 Vision and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal. Vision 2030’s Goal 1 seeks to empower Jamaicans to fulfill their fullest potential and sees the promotion of healthy lifestyles as an avenue for that. Having a park or space for learning, exercise, play and socializing will contribute to that objective. Similarly, SDG Goal 11 aims to promote universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, public spaces.

  1. Period for submission: November 30 – March 30
  2. Period for judging and review – April  2019
  3. Announcement:  May 2019
  • Formal communities identified by the Social Development Commission
  • Must have an active Community Based Organisation that is recognized by the Social Development Commission
  • The proposal must be developed in consultation with the wider community
  • Evidence of a community meeting held to discuss and agree to the project
  • Fulfill all the required additional submissions – which can be found below
  1. A Project Proposal
  2. Project proposal which must state:
  • Community profile
  • Why the project is needed
  • Who the beneficiaries will be (number of citizens – men, women, boys, girls, elderly)
  • Description of the current space
  • Ways in which the project area will be used by members of the community
  • How the project will improve the life of the community
  • How the project fits within the development priorities of the community (provide evidence of engagement with authorities about the community’s priorities)
  • The plan for the maintenance and upkeep of the project by the community upon hand over
  • The names, signatures, addresses, emails and phone numbers of 20 persons from the community including the executive members of the citizens’ association and a justice of the peace
  1. An asset map from the Social Development Commission
  2. A priority plan from the Social Development Commission
  3. Clear identification of the ownership of the space must be provided
  4. Letter from the municipal authorities that the proposed project would receive the necessary approvals and that it fits with the development plans for the area
  5. An essay of 500 words about the importance of Carib Cement to the country and how Carib Cement has helped build a greater Jamaica
  6. A video of not more than 3 minutes about the community and why this community should be selected
Entries should be submitted via email to buildcommunityja@gmail.com
  • Once the project has been approved and completed, Carib Cement bears no further responsibility for the maintenance, security or management of the property
  • Carib Cement Company does not bear any legal obligation pertaining to the maintenance and use of the park.
  • Carib Cement will not proceed unless there is clear evidence of legal rights to build on the identified common space
  • Carib Cement will manage and execute the project from beginning to end, this includes assigning contractors to complete the project
  • All project designs/software or videos and photos submitted will become property of CCCL to utilize and replicate as it so chooses.
  • By entering this competition, it is understood that Carib Cement has the right to use entrants’ submitted material, images, and videos publicly for promotional purposes on all its platforms
Projects which qualify will serve to benefit the community and promote wellness, socializing, and overall improvement to community life. Examples include:
  • Parks,
  • Jogging trails
  • Playground
  • Community Centre
  • Multipurpose Courts
  • Walkway
  • Pathways
  • Benches
  • Pathways
  • Sidewalks
  • Ampitheatre
  • Paving
  • Improving access for the disabled
Time Remaining to Submit